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We are proud of both our college educated installers, their eye for detail, and their commitment to quality and integrity. We consistently hear complements from our clients on the work ethic and friendliness of our employees. Clear Water Gutter always strives to use the best metals and top of the line materials on every job. Compromise is not an option

Our Services Include

French Drains

Jacksonville French DrainThe term french drain has become the generic term for all drainage. A French Drain is actually a drain that uses a sock pipe (a drain pipe with slits or holes covered in a mesh sock) covered with rock and wrapped with filter cloth. These drains are used to dry out areas where there is not necessarily surface water standing but subsurface muckiness. Clear Water has installed french drains in yards that could not be mowed for years do to unbelievable sogginess.

We have seen our french drains reclaim back yards and in a matter of weeks dry them out to where they are rock hard and usable. Many french drains extract water slowly from their yards and are constantly working to keep your yard dry.

Surface Water Drains

Surface Water DrainsFor those yards where fast extraction of surface water is needed, to accomplish the homeowners goals, catch basins are the answer. A catch basin is a drain box. These drain boxes come in several different sizes. The most common sizes are 9x9” and 12x12”. In some rare cases, where large amounts of water must be removed rapidly, 16x16”, 18x18”, or 24x24” catch basins can be used. In these cases a 6” pipe will typically be used as an upgrade to move almost 3 times the water as a 4” pipe.

Drain boxes are generally a tough black plastic with a green or black grate, on top. Clear Water will shoot the grade on your property to determine where your drain boxes should go and also what is the best place to disperse of your water. 

Gutter Downspout Drains

Gutter Downspout DrainsRoof water is the number one culprit for most drainage problems. Seamless gutters can help to catch roof water and bring it gently to the ground, preventing erosion and many other problems. However, the only downside is when the gutters bring the roof water to 5 or 6 downspout locations, it can cause flooding problems on those areas of your lawn. If I were to tell you that 1” of rain, on a 2000 square foot home, equals 1500 gallons of water shed, you probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true.

That’s why at Clear Water Drainage, we always recommend gutters, but to also tie those downspouts into a drainage system. This will take that roof water away from the house, to an area where the water can easily flow away.

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Clear Water Gutters & Drainage

1038 Chandler Oaks Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32221
Phone: (904) 880-3800

Clear Water Gutters and Drainage    Clear Water Gutters and Drainage

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