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Below are testimonials from some of our clients!

I cannot thank you enough for the FABULOUS water drainage you designed and installed. We've had torrential rain, and the side yard is handling it like a champ! It's sooo good not worrying about the standing water. Thank you for the peace of mind!
Darby Brown, Jacksonville

As all homeowners know warranties on many of the things we buy usually does not work to our advantage, now being over a year in the house we as homeowners find things cracking and breaking and have to start reaching for the warranty papers. With you, the word “Gentleman’s Agreement” is still a word we can use which we can not say about many companies, I have yet to pull papers out to show you the date you installed my system and you have remembered everything we have discussed in the past as well. I have had 2 situations in the past year that I have broken a sprinkler head which you replaced within 24 hours of my phone call and now most recently an issue with the rain sensor wire getting dismantled by another contractor doing work at my house, which again was resolved within 24 hours all at no charge. The reason I am so pleased is that you as the owner came out to make the calls personally addressed my issues at hand and made sure I was happy by any means necessary. I have not found that to be true with many of the purchases made on this house as far as warranty. I am pleased with you and your employees for taking care of me, especially being in Florida where the irrigation system is so important. Thanks for all the help.
Rushab Choksi, PharmD

Charlene and I would like to thank Jonathan, his outside staff of installers and the staff in the office for their hard work, time and professional courtesies before, during and after the installation of our irrigation system. They worked through the day until the system was done and explained the Rain Bird controls until we both understood how to use it. Our lawn now looks better than it has ever looked and knowing that we don't have to drag hoses around anymore is a wonderful feeling. Again thanks for a great job. Feel free to use us as a reference. We have nothing but great things to say about Clearwater's Professionalism, hard work and attention to detail.
The Tamburrino's

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Clear Water Gutters & Drainage

1038 Chandler Oaks Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32221
Phone: (904) 880-3800

Clear Water Gutters and Drainage    Clear Water Gutters and Drainage

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